We are happy to announce that our
Labradoodles, Carmen and Beau, had a
new litter of nine puppies!
The new puppies are third-generation
Labradoodles and CKC registered.
They have various shades of blond and
red coats.
The puppies were born and are being
hand raised inside of our home with
tender loving care from me and my family.
Lots of gentle human interaction will help
them become trusting, so they will be able
to bond with their new owners and train
easily in their new homes.
The puppies will have a solid foundation
for being housebroken by the time they
are ready to go home.
They will be taken to the vet within the
first week, and have their dew claws
They will each be thoroughly checked by
the vet again at six weeks, and have their
first complete set of immunization shots.
They will be given worming medicine
three times.
We are a home based breeder, not a
kennel. Both of our adult dogs have
sweet, calm temperaments and live inside
the house with us, as our family pets.
I have been breeding dogs for years, and I am convinced that the coats of these
multi-generational puppies are the best of the best.
An F1 (like Carmen and Abby - 1/2 Poodle - 1/2 Lab), is low maintenance, silky and wavy, but
unfortunately, they still shed somewhat. An F1B (like Beau - 3/4 Poodle - 1/4 Lab) doesn't shed,
but they can be so curly that they are often mistaken for a Poodle, are high maintenance to keep
free of tangles, and need to go to the groomer every 6 - 8 weeks.
The absolute perfect coat, in my opinion, is the coat of our multi-generational puppies. They are
5/8 Poodle and 3/8 Lab, and have a medium amount of curl.
Being raised in a
nurturing home by a calm, confident mother like our Carmen, makes the best
possible family pets.
The puppies are born and hand
raised inside my home. At about five
weeks, when they need more space
than the whelping box, we move
them to a room my husband built,
inside our attached garage. There,
they have a safe, heated room, with
a blanket to sleep on, papers on the
floor around it, and a door to a
fenced in area of our yard. Even
when they are very young, they
instinctively will go to the bathroom
on the papers, as they do not want
to soil their bed. As they get bigger,
they will naturally learn to follow
their parents' example and go to the
bathroom outside. At night, of
course, the door is closed. This is a
very solid foundation for them to be
on their way to being housebroken
by the time they go to their new
homes. They have plenty of room to
explore and play - with toys and
each other outside, and we are out
there with them many times a day.
Help, Mom,
they're giving
me a kisseroo!
Two curly blonds!
MY sock monkey!
These are our August 2017 litter of puppies at 5 - 6
weeks of age. Check back for updates on our next litter.